Active Textiles, Vilnius Academy of Arts,  Vilnius, Lithuanian, October 12-16, 2015

3 day workshop with Sara Lundberg: The object of research is defined as a human being and the environment influencing him. The creative workshops are going to approach various research methods of environmental aesthetics, ergonomics, form and material qualities, as well as human psycho-physiological and biomechanical abilities. The concepts of spatial objects will be addressed too. The man and the environment will be investigated as an integral system with the focus of attention on man. Such physiological and mental characteristics of man as eyesight, speech, hearing, movements, reactions, vigilance, thinking, memory, attention will be observed and exploited. Also, the environment, i.e. lightning, temperature, humidity, pollution, and noise will be analysed. During creative experiments, the characteristics of modern textiles, such as elasticity, softness, roughness, performance, and transformation as well as participants’ construction skills of various spatial forms will be employed. The results of experience and experiments will be applied in projects related to the development of functional elements of objects, processes, activities, environmental functional elements and their complexes. Spatial and space forming objects, also experiments related to the symbiosis of the body and the product of functional design will be registered in photo and video material. 

Jyoti Kapur, Trine Højbak Møller Gøttsche, Svenja Keune

Posted by:Svenja Keune