For the next 5 days the WIP show at the Royal College of Art will be showcasing the work from the students of the School of Material including Ceramics & Glass, Jewellery & Metal, Fashion Menswear, Fashion Womenswear and Textiles. The three ArcInTex PhD candidates at the RCA, Bastian Beyer, Ana Piñeyro and Marina Castán are contributing to it with a group installation that represents the interdisciplinary approach of the ArcIntex Network. The installation consists of a big scale structure that stays as a conceptual framework where textiles, architecture and interaction design meets together by holding some of the material exploration currently carried out by the three of them. Ana is experimenting with deployable structures, Bastian is exploring the possibilities of growing mycelium into textiles and Marina is testing the flexibility of the metal wire to build large scale structures.



Marina’s, Ana’s and Basti’s installation


For more information on the WIP show see the following link:

Posted by:Marina Castán

Designer and researcher

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