The weekend before the Common Course “Activating the surface” at UdK in Berlin started, there was a Workshop about how to grow Mushrooms for food and material, held by Antoni Gandia, a Biotechnician and Fungicultor.


GROW MUSHROOMS_for food, research and leisure

Workshop with Antoni Gandia
19th – 20th Feb. 2016

Learn how to isolate and grow different species of fungi for food, medicine and biotechnological purposes such as material research or enzyme production. Discover how to formulate different substrates and culture media. Get to know the basics of the sterile technique and biosafety.
Join this workshop and start your own home laboratory!

Friday 19th 19-22:00PM
Mushroom cultivation basics, grow your own food using urban waste such as paper, coffee grounds or cereal husks.

Saturday 20th 11-14:00PM
Advanced propagation techniques and biofabrication. From Petri dishes to mycoinsulation panels and mycelium drones.


Happy Hunting
Moosdorfstrasse 7-9, 12345 Berlin

Posted by:Svenja Keune