IMG_9659Atmospheric Delight – aims to produce generative feedback loops between spatial scenarios and user experiences through a close working relationship between architecture and cognitive science.

Research question of cluster – between the act of design and the experience of architecture, there is a rich, and yet relatively unexplored territory that entwines building performance with human well-being. Providing thermal comfort has been a fundamental prerogative of architecture, not as just a functional requirement but rather as a deep bodily experience. The prevailing use of contemporary air conditioning technologies has compounded this issue, as buildings´thermal environment s have becomoeintagibly homogeneous (1). Recent findings from cognitive science support the notion that homeostasis is not a mere mechanical activity, but rather a sophisticated dynamic of thermoregulatory processes, emotions, and stress responses (2). How do Architects and cognitive scientists generate and test design approaches for the human betterment, which emerge from user experiences rather than a-priori assumptions?

Goals –

  • Explore the mutual relationship between spatial forms and thermal comfort in a test-case environment;
  • Setup cognitive bio-metrics for assessing subjects´perceived thermal comfort;
  • Generate feedback loops that entwine perceived thermal comfort with building performance, and analyse the significance of spatial-cognitive hypotheses.




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