Material exploration

Acrylic film and carbon powder

I set out to build Electro Active Polymer modules with an elastic and adhesive acrylic film (3M VHB tape 4910) and carbon powder. When one of the modules broke, I started playing with the material, handling it, touching it… I was fascinated by its extreme elasticity, its soft and smooth surface and the lustre given by the carbon powder.

As I was touching the material, ideas on alternative ways of using it started piling in my head. How to take advantage of its stretchiness? Which materials to combine it with? How to use it to build more elaborated structures? I decided to investigate its elastic and adhesive properties; what possibilities these would give me to create deployable 3D structures? Below you can find some samples I created.

Posted by:anapineyro

2 replies on “Meeting a stranger

  1. That is really nice, I like the fabric like structure with the tape inserts, have you done any measurements of it;s properties. Is this material conductive? Or just carbon black for UV absorption?


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