Last April WP3 met at The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, to explore aspects of structure and scale, within the context of the interior, in order to reimagine how spaces can be conceived and experienced. Focusing on the elasticity of knitted textiles, combined with tensional elements, we developed a series of basic models that, through sketching, prototyping and staging, allowed us to think in terms of material, form, boundary and scale of the structures created.

We documented the models through photography and animation and further analysed the resulting visuals in order to discover implication and suggestions for alternative ways of conceiving, constructing and using a space. Each of the group members selected the models that were most suggestive to them and contributed their own take on the possibilities of those models.

Below are some examples of the outcomes.

08> Knitted tubes as flexible and adaptable cover for indoor and outdoor spatial structures.

09> Imagining ways of positioning a spatial structure with textile cover.

13> Space inside a space. A multi-layered space that changes meaning depending on position.
> Multi-layered portable space. Suggests amphibious way of living.

11> Exploration of self-supporting structures based on material elasticity and tensional elements. Implications for interconnected spaces, multifunctional spaces and time travel capsules.

15> Relaxed and rigid states. Turgidity based actuation, capillarity.

14__17_p1020928-copy> How can looking or passing through an interior change your perspective about the exterior?
> Self-transforming kinetic structure. Different axes for motion, expansion/contraction, opening/closing and interaction with the person: horizontal pliability; rotation over diagonal axe; twisting over central or diagonal axe…

01__23_p1020882-copy> Potential for creating a twisted, adaptable space from elastic material. Presents a space that is connected and separated depending on the twist of the bridge.
> Twisting as an interaction for connecting & dividing spaces and for creating kinetic potential.

> Exploration on interconnected spaces. Implications for multifunctional interiors and sliding mobility.

sqeezethruExploring textile deformations through GIF animations as an interaction sketching method…

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