In the plane on my way to Hamburg I met Stephan Wik, who is running an Ecovillage on Fallön, an island on the westcoast of Sweden, about an hour from Gothenburg. He invited me for visiting Greenstones and experiencing a way of conscious living with as little impact on nature as possible. The Ecovillage itself consists of 4 Yurts to live in, a big Yurt for Yoga, Qi Gung and other activities or group meetings, a garden for growing vegetables, a sauna, pool, hot tub and a natural water cleaning system.

The Yurts are produced in the US. As natural materials degrade and mold too fast in Swedens climate, the Yurts cover and insulation is made from synthetic materials, recycled PET and Aluminium. Even in winter there is not much energy needed for keeping the them warm and comfortable. They can stand up to -20°celsius. 

I was totally fascinated by the Yurts Atmosphere … There are no corners, so energy can flow infinite. It is so calm and peaceful even though or just because one is connected to the natural sounds from outside such as wind and rain, singing birds… .

Unfortunately the Interior doesn´t mirror this close connection to nature. The Yurts are fully functional apartments but equipped with usual furnitures. Eco but angular shapes in a circular space … .

Posted by:Svenja Keune

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