Troy Nachtigall and Admar Schoonen gave a Wearable Capacitive Sensor Workshop at this years eTextile Summer CampIMG_9392.jpg

img_9329Troy returned to eTextile Summer Camp as part of his research in the ArcInTexETN H202o action.  The workshop focuses on presence and pressure sensing as a single eTextile sensor. The Sensor is grounded with a special circuit to make wearable.  This means that it can be worn on the body while not seeing the body.  It also means that instead of seeing just touch and pressure, it can see the hand approaching.  In terms of design it opens up new opportunities in terms of understanding when interactions are about to happen. The sensor can see out to 10 cm away and software example are included for integrating the sensor into wearable applications. The code and the sensor are available at Admar’s github repository

Troy and Admar fabricated more than 30 of the sensor and they were published in the 2016 Swatchbook.  img_9409IMG_9404.jpgIMG_9419.jpg

Posted by:troykyo

Marie Curie ArcInTexETN Researcher.

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