Courtesy of the Institut für experimentelles/Bekleidungs-und Textildesign (IBT) a small group of DRL researchers, Marion Bertin and myself joined an introduction lesson into screen printing. We learned how to use and clean the screens, how to make our own printing paste and experimented a little with our new found knowledge.


I was particularly interested in working with puff ink because of its foamy nature. Using powdered microspheres graciously provided by AkzoNobel I set out to test the aesthetics and mechanical behaviour of a number of microsphere enhanced puff ink formulations. There are many variables in puffing such as heat, method of heat introduction, formulation of the ink. It was a very interesting day with interesting results.


Posted by:Mila Svechtarova

I am a chemist/material scientist with a fascination and passion for design and fashion. I am a driven and creative person with a hands-on mentality and some experience with polymers, organic synthesis and coatings/formulation. I'm quite sociable and enjoy working with people from all backgrounds and disciplines. I also have a creative side, I have been sketching fashion designs since I was very young and I'm interested in learning how to execute them better. Additionally. I have dabbled in graphic design, as a freelancer. My dream is to combine chemistry and fashion together and synthesize beautiful textiles and garments.