Troy Nachtigall just finished last nine days introducing the world to Solemaker.iosolemakerklokgebouw


Solemaker brings ultra personalised footwear to everyone with Based upon the same system that was used to make the shoes for the Minister, users scan their feet, adjust the sole to how they walk, then create their own personalized shoe. “Solemaker is a step towards a future where our data is used to make things for us.” says Troy. It took a team of twelve designers, engineers, programers, professors, gurus, makers and podiatrists to create

Solemaker demonstrates a look into a future where the shoes can be a subscription service. With each passing pair the wear will be measured and the material recycled to create a better fitting shoe. Each shoe is created with code, code that dynamically programs the sole material to the shape and weight distribution of the foot. exists thanks to a research grant from Design United, expertise from SLEM and funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Solemaker is part of larger research into Ultra Personalised Product Service Systems carried out at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Industrial Design Wearable Senses Lab and Design Quality in Interaction Group as part of the ArcInTexETN project. 

Solmaker ideaSolemaker was demonstrated at the Mind the Step exhibition during Dutch Design Week and at the Global Grad Show during Dubai Design Week. Launced at Mind the Story, anyone around the world can visit the website and create the digital files needed to manufacture a pair of shoes in a FabLab or Maker Space near them.

“I want everyone to experience the joy of a pair of shoes made specifically to fit their own feet, needs and lifestyle.” says head designer Troy Nachtigall. was created by

Troy Nachtigall  – Head Designer and Researcher, TU/Eindhoven
Prof. Dr. Loe Feijs  – Professor, Design Intelligence, TU/Eindhoven
Dr. Stephan Wensveen – Professor, Wearable Senses, TU/Eindhoven
Dr. Oscar Tomico – Professor, Wearable Senses, TU/Eindhoven
Admar Shoonen – Electrical Engineer, /dSearch Lab, TU/Eindhoven
Bart Pruijmboom – Interaction Designer, TU/Eindhoven
Henry Lin – Interaction Designer and Maker, Simon Fraser University
Erwin Hoogerwoord – Programmer, TU/Eindhoven
Fiore Basile – Programer and Guru, Fablab Toscana
Max Pirsky – Graphic Designer
Bart van Overbeeke – Photographer
Sigrídur Helga Hauksdóttir- Podiatrist, SLEM Waalwijk
SLEM  Design United and Wearable Senses

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Marie Curie ArcInTexETN Researcher.