The first of the Master classes for WP4 was held on the 3rd of November. I split up the team in 2 groups and asked them to use their strengths to explore different auxetic textile futures. The Master Class focused the topics of 3D printed flexible auxetic geometries on textiles and the value of auxetic textiles in futurewear.

Team Future Auxetic fashion consisted of Angella MacKey and Vidmina Stasiulyte. The were provided with images and videos of auxetic materials to inspire them and were given a number of soft foam samples and fabric. Their mission was to creat a wearable artifact on the scale of the body that incorporates the auxetic effect (by imagining it will exist in the future) in a valuable way and if possible to further use this artifact in a discussion on how/what this added value is in a future setting. Here are some of the results they had.

Team 3D printing on textiles consisted of Marion Bertin and Troy Nachtigall  and worked with  the hot deposition 3iBerlin 3D printer at the UdK DRLab. They had to their disposal  PLA, WillowFlex (TPE) and FilaFlex  filament and the free open-source software Cura. The task before them was to find settings which produce stable samples of 3D printing on fabric. Ultimately the goal of the team was to find a way to print on pre-stretched synthetic fabrics and then make a small library of possible stretch/printing effects and accompanying printer settings.

Posted by:Mila Svechtarova

I am a chemist/material scientist with a fascination and passion for design and fashion. I am a driven and creative person with a hands-on mentality and some experience with polymers, organic synthesis and coatings/formulation. I'm quite sociable and enjoy working with people from all backgrounds and disciplines. I also have a creative side, I have been sketching fashion designs since I was very young and I'm interested in learning how to execute them better. Additionally. I have dabbled in graphic design, as a freelancer. My dream is to combine chemistry and fashion together and synthesize beautiful textiles and garments.