MSCA16 is Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Satellite event. It was held in Manchester on the 28th-29th of July. I was participating in the MSCA16 Satellite event “Research and Society” and presenting the poster of my research “Sonic Fashion”. I met researchers from various fields, we were discussing our own research, and making connections. I was presenting my poster “Sonic Fashion” about the research I am doing. 

I attended lectures and discussion panels:

Discussion panel “Researcher and society: we’re all in the same boat!”; “Science and democracy: Get into the debate!”; “EU 101: Introduction to the EU decision-making process”; “Public engagement: How can you get involved as a researcher?”; “Ethics, transparency, research integrity, misconduct: Where do I stand?”; “Open science: the tools for your research success”; “An intro to open science – a session providing a background to what it means to be open, the policy landscape, potential benefits, useful tools etc.”; “Using open science to your benefit – a session that explains how open science can improve your profile and help win proposals”; “Data Management Planning – a session on data management in general and planning for this by writing”.


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