A different presentation, touching all the senses, was recently performed by two doctoral students within the European research network ArcInTexETN.

The doctoral students Jyoti Kapur, placed at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, Sweden, and Justė Pečiulytė, placed at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, made a collaborative entry, bridging distinctive viewpoints from their own research practices on the theme “Meeting around the research practice – Presentation formats in artistic research”. They were one out of 24 participants who were selected for the presentations during a two day symposium at the Swedish Research Council’s symposium on artistic research on 28- 29 November, 2017, at the Stockholm University of the Arts.

How did you carry out your presentation?

– One of the call’s focus points was on the presentation and discussion of the research being, not just as an account of it, but also a part of the research practice. We therefore proposed a hybrid format of a performance-workshop that we formulated as an investigation of spatial atmosphere(s) depicted through a design studio. In this case, a performance-experiential making of the studio set-up became for us the research method in our collaborative inquiry. Our two viewpoints from our individual research met here through the dialogues between us and the spatial set-up (2 scenes with textiles and movable structures).

Justė Pečiulytė has been looking at the potentials of ‘atmosphere staging’ approach as a way to simulate interior atmospheres and Jyoti Kapur has been investigating how spaces can be arranged using the olfactive boundaries.

– The aim of this presentation-exploration was to engage in a discussion on designing with intangible matter, and more specifically on the ways of expressing it. As well as to question, not just the visual, but also the tactile and olfactive dimensions, while exploring spatial qualities through textiles. We enacted two scenes. One with textiles and shifting lighting conditions (intensity, colour, temperature), another one with smell embedded textiles (three types of ‘smelly props’). The discussion that followed our performance was engaged by a multi-modal display: the two scenes and the projection of the image selection from the two previous working sessions–iterations.

How was your presentation received?

– There were large number of interested audience for our presentation that lasted one hour. We have a feeling that the presentation was well received and the feedback we have received is positive. As the performance was open for the audience to experience it through all senses (vision, auditory, olfactory and tactile) in real time as it was happening, some of the audience did really take this opportunity being a part of the performance. During the discussions, there were questions and comments on our research theme, methods and ways of presentation. These comments were productive in the critique and gave us more ideas to reflect upon and develop the work further.

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ArcInTex European Network (ETN)

Text: Solveig Klug

Photo: Jyoti Kapur and Justė Pečiulytė


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