IMG_7451.jpgTroy Nachtigall presented a Case Study,  Late Breaking Work and attended a workshop at the 2018 Computer Human Interaction conference in Montreal, Canada.

While at the Conference I had the chance to interact with many of my heroes in the field of Design.  This included an epic workshop called Disruptive Improvisations where I presented an improvisation in knitwear based on my 3D printing work.


You can read the workshop paper I submitted and those of the other participants at the Disruptive Improvisations site #DisruptiveImprov.

On Tuesday I presented the Project J shoe Case Study: Towards Ultra Personalized 4D Printed Shoes with co-authors Oscar Tomico, Ron Wakkary, Stephan Wensveen, Pauline van Dongen and Leonie Tenthoff van Noorden.  In the paper, we unpack the process of creating a pair of extremely personalized high heel shoes by 3D printing in the flexible material Fila Flex. (If you don’t have access to the ACM library the Dezeen article does a good job explaining it.)


Thanks to 3lectromode for the pictures. Although it was in the first session of the day, it was well attended.

Wednesday was the presentation of a quick Late-Breaking Work paper poster with Kristina Andersen. We looked at what are pockets as places that hide and conceal. We added data and security codes into the research to add importance in the mind of our trial participants.


CHI 2018 was an amazing chance to meet many of the people I have read throughout this PhD. Getting to meet, greet and hang out with so many of the top people in my field in one week was really amazing. Special thanks to TUe/Industrial Design for throwing the best party at CHI 2018. I was proud to be from TU/eID.

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Marie Curie ArcInTexETN Researcher.

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