Ana Ines Rodrigues

Placement: Heriot-Watt University, Galashiels

ESR 16/  Textile structures for adaptive and responsive clothing (textile design)
Work Package 4/ Textile thinking for the design of adaptive and responsive wearables – the scale of the body.

Secondment 1: University of Borås (autumn 2017)
Secondment 2: 

Title of Research
Auxetic structures and textiles – A mutual interaction.

About Ana Inês Rodrigues
Ana Inês Rodrigues is a Fashion Designer and researcher working in the field of Auxetic structures for sportswear.

She studied Fashion Design at University of Beira Interior, Portugal, where she got her BA and MA in Fashion design, on comfort performance for sports bras in physical activity.
She started working as a vocational teacher for the government, where she taught industrial sewing, and patternmaking in private companies. She gain experience in fit, garment shape, and comfort movement through those companies, working closely with quality control supervisors such as Hugo Boss and Alexander McQueen.

The aim of her research is to design auxetic structures and test their behaviours when they are or are not interacting with the human body attached or not to other textiles. Also find ways to attach these structures to textiles, mainly through stitches and 3D printing.

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