Angella Mackey

Placement: Philips Electronics Netherlands B.V. & Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven
ESR 15 / Designing for adaptive and responsive wearable interactions (textile interaction design)
Workpackage 4 / Textile thinking for the design of adaptive and responsive wearables – the scale of the body.

Secondment 1: Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany (autumn 2016)
Secondment 2: Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands (autumn 2017)

Title of Research
Digital technologies in everyday fashion systems

 About Angella Mackey
Canadian designer Angella Mackey has been working in the area of wearable technologies and smart fabrics for a decade in art, research and commercial contexts. She has designed hyper-functional garments in a wide range of industries, from medical to space flight, and lectures on the design challenges of wearable electronics. Most notably she founded Vega Wearable Light, a collection of illuminated outerwear and accessories for fashion-conscious cyclists (2011-2014) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Mackey’s doctoral research focuses on exploring the implications of digital technologies in everyday fashion. If garments possess digital or dynamic capabilities, how might this change daily life, design processes, and create shifts in fashion systems?


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