Juste Peciulyte

Placement: Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius

ESR 9 /  Designing bespoke textiles for interior performance (textile design)
Work Package 3 / Textile thinking for adaptive and responsive interior design – the scale of the interior

Secondment 1: University of Borås (autumn 2016)
Secondment 2: Audejas, Vilnius (autumn 2017)

Title of Research
On Interior Atmosphere Staging

About me

I am a design strategist. Passionate learner and avid collaborator, I have been shifting amongst different cultural contexts (Vilnius, Paris, Lisbon). My experience in diverse design fields and sectors range from workshop to exhibition design, such as set design for retail, media and architecture exhibitions. I am also familiar with design research projects, like studies on the aesthetics of air-conditioning and connected mobility.  

Focused on the ways of teaching and practicing spatial design, I am particularly invested in experimental design strategies. My PhD research is a foray into the techniques of ‘atmospheric staging’, which I lead through collaborative workshop organisation amongst textile design, photography and performance arts.

I studied interior design at Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (BA) and media aesthetics at Paris-Sorbonne University Paris I (BA and MA). I am also a research affiliate of CodesignLab and Media Studies at Telecom ParisTech, Paris since 2014.

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