Juste Peciulyte

Placement: Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius

ESR 9 /  Designing bespoke textiles for interior performance (textile design)
Work Package 3 / Textile thinking for adaptive and responsive interior design – the scale of the interior

Secondment 1: University of Borås (autumn 2016)
Secondment 2: Audejas, Vilnius (autumn 2017)

Title of Research
On Interior: Ways of Modellling Atmospheres

About me
I am a designer trained in Interior Design (BA, Vilnius Technologies and Design School)
and Design and Environments (BA and MA Design, Medias, Technology, Paris-Sorbonne
University). I am also a research affiliate of CodesignLab and Media studies at Telecom

I’ve been oscillating between diverse design fields (naval, retail, 3D modeling) and
inter sectional activities since I came to Paris in 2006 (exhibition assistant, mediator,
freelance designer, research assistant). I was looking for an answer to what I felt was
wrong with how we deal with spaces, and especially, how we depict them, both in
educational and professional contexts. My educational background in France helped
me to orient myself towards the architectural representation media.
Now, having the chance to be a part of ArcInTexETN, I aspire to suggest working
principles, tools and examples for dealing with matters that I believe really matter to
interior design field. Such as light, air, dust and water. What if interior designers’ and
architects’ techniques were brought beyond the usual physical interaction with
materials and representational forms?

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