Jyoti Kapur

Placement: University of Borås
ESR 4 /  Designing adaptive and responsive textiles (textile and fashion design)
Work Package 2 / Textile thinking for adaptive and responsive architecture – the scale of the building

Secondment 1: Vilnius Academy of Arts (autumn 2016)
Secondment 2: Ludvig Svensson, Kinna, Sweden (autumn 2017)

Title of Research
Smells: spatial designing through olfactive dimension

About me

Specialised in knitwear fashion design from India, I have been practicing my profession since 1996 across different countries – India, Germany, China and Switzerland. In addition, I did a Master’s Degree in Textile and Clothing Technology in Germany, graduating  with a Best Graduate Award from VDI- 2005, Baden Wuerttemberg and an Award for Outstanding Achievement of a foreign Student from DAAD-2004. Later I graduated with Master of Arts in Transdisciplinarity from Switzerland, before joining the PhD doctoral studies in Design, within the ArcInTexETN network H2020 project in, Sweden.

In my research, I am exploring methods to understand the invisible materiality within the design practice and also ways of its representation when designing spaces with smells. I connect textiles to spatial design through olfaction to explore the haptics as one way of interaction and representation of smells. Secondly, I am exploring the potentials of spatial designing by creating an olfactive experiential interior environments to encounter interactions in relation to body in space.

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