Marina Castan Cabrero

Placement: Royal College of Art, London

ESR 3 /  Textile structures for adaptive and responsive architecture
Work Package 2 / Textile thinking for adaptive and responsive architecture – the scale of the building

Secondment 1: Vilnius Academy of Arts (autumn 2016)
Secondment 2: Heatherwick Studio (autumn 2017)

Title of Research
Body-centered textile expressions for architectural design
Exploring spatial opportunities inspired by the interaction of textile and body movement as a way to create new architectural expressions

About me
I am a textile designer by background and my research revolves around textiles, performance, and architecture focusing on the importance of the body as a core center of the design process. My aim is to explore the spatial qualities of textiles in relation to the body movement to create new ways of architectural expressions.

I hold an MA in New Media Art Curating from ESDi- MECAD, Ramon Llull University (2013), a Postgraduate in Design and Innovation from the Elisava School of Design, Pompeu Fabra University (2008) and a Bachelor in Textile Design from ESDi Design School, Ramon Llull University (2005). Before joining the ArcInTex project, I was a researcher and professor at Textile and Fashion Department in the ESDi Design School (Ramon Llull University) in Barcelona.

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