Svenja Keune

The interests of Svenja Keune are entirely dedicated to the interfaces of art, design and technology. With a special focus on poetic communication and haptic experiences she brings experiential qualities through textile surfaces and objects into a digital connected world.

Placement: / Ludvig Svensson AB, Kinna
ESR 7 /  Textile structures for adaptive and responsive interiors (textile design)
Work Package 3 / Textile thinking for adaptive and responsive interior design – the scale of the interior.

Title of research
Farming Textiles: Transforming textile expressions by using plants to integrate growth,
wilderness and decay into textile structures for interior

About me
I want to create structures for the interior that challenge the way how we perceive and live with textiles and that are adaptive and responsive through natural processes and material transformations by growing and degrading.

Textiles for me are a medium for connections. I am interested in creating textile hybrids to challenge what we understand as textiles and how to use them. Bridging textiles and
electronics for many years, resulted in what I call „Communicative Surfaces“ and explores poetic interactions between textile surfaces, objects and people. After exploring the connections between textiles and porcelain I am now interested in bridging them with natural processes by using seeds as a design material. Consequently, these materials open up the discussion on alternative aesthetics and forms of interaction when designing interior textiles and spatial scenarios with them.

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