2015 Vidmina Stasiulyte


Vidmina Stasiulyte

Placement: University of Borås
ESR 13 /
Designing adaptive and responsive clothing (fashion design)
Workpackage 4 / Textile thinking for the design of adaptive and responsive wearables – the scale of the body.

Secondment 1: Universität der Künste, Berlin
Secondment 2: Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven

Title of Research
Aesthetics of the Invisible: Sonic Identity in the Field of Fashion Design

About Vidmina Stasiulyte
Vidmina Stasiulyte (b. 1984, Lithuania) is a fashion designer, researcher, and audiovisual artist. She started working as a conceptual fashion designer who created various projects in this media: costume performances, individual costume collections, and textile installation (BA in Apparel Design and BA in Fashion Design). Later she expanded her practices in different media such as interactive sculpture, sound, and installation art (MA in Visual Arts). Vidmina has experience in teaching and evaluating design programs as well (Certificate in Education). In 2015 Vidmina joined ArcInTexETN program and she is investigating the non-visual aesthetics based on sonic value in the field of fashion design.

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